Tuesday, April 20, 2021

North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc. (NAPS) to close

North Atlantic Publishing Systems, Inc. (NAPS) www.napsys.com, the creator of CopyFlow Gold, is shutting down operations after 32 years of providing software tools and systems to publishers and translators. 

The NAPS online store is open and will remain open for a few more weeks. If you haven't yet ordered the latest version of CopyFlow Gold for Illustrator CC 2021, now might be a good time to purchase it.

We are actively looking for someone to purchase the CopyFlow Gold source code and take over the support and maintenance of the CopyFlow Gold applications. If you know someone who might be interested, please have them contact us at naps@napsys.com. We will be accepting offers until April 27, 2021.

It has been a great pleasure to work with you. 

Thank you so much for your business and support.

Trouble shooting CopyFlow Gold

Sometimes when your copy of InDesign and Illustrator is updated in the night, or some other system change has occurred you may find CopyFlow Gold is no longer working properly. The first step is always the same - update your CopyFlow Gold to the latest version!

To do this go to www.napsys.com - Downloads and re-install your version of CFG from the website. Your authorisation keys should not be affected - but you may want to locate the original email we sent at purchase time just in case. Please keep your keeps in a safe place.

At the same time - download a fresh copy of ZXPInstaller - then run it to re-install your CFG application.

If this reinstall fails the next thing to try is to delete the CopyFlow Gold installation folder and then reinstall the new version again. To do this first find your Adobe extensions folder. Googling 'Adobe extensions folder' will help if you don't now the location. Within this folder are a series of subfolders. All the NAPS folders are named in the same way - for example: com.napsys.CFGIllustratorCC2017 contains the 2017 CFG Illustrator application.  Delete the folder and re-install again.

Hope this helps.