Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If Problems Installing/Using CFG for InDesign CS5 or 5.5

We've seen a few cases where the Mac install of CFG failed to finish properly. Symptoms are not saving Preferences or trouble exporting to XLIFF. In this case the CFG logfile called CFG_Logfile.txt may contain a line cvan't find the Skeleton folder.

If this happens you may need to create 2 folders by hand.

Quit Indesign, make these folders and then restart.

CFG stores its preferences and skeleton files for XLIFF & CFG XML in :

Library:Applications Support:Naps

If this 'Naps' folder does not exist - create it by hand, then within it create a folder called 'Skeletons'.

When you restart Indesign CFG should then function normally.