Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CopyFlow Gold for InDesign CS5 - Major Update 5.2

We have updated CopyFlow Gold for InDesign CS5 to include Folder Batching for InDesign into XLIFF, XML, RTF and the other export formats commonly used in DTP translation and localization.

At installation the batch script CFGBatchFolder.jsxbin is installed into the Adobe InDesign CS5 scripts folder. The general workflow for the Folder Batch operation can be found here on the NAPSYS.COM web site.

This release also includes a major modification to the structure of the XLIFF files. The XLIFF and CFGXML formats are now paragraph based to optimize their use with translation memory (TM).

XLIFF trans-units are now paragraphs which contain text runs as delimited segments; the tags this version writes are incompatible with earlier versions - so please begin with a fresh export and import only CFGXML or XLIFF exported from this version or later ones.

As always, we recommend updating your CFG translation tool only after a project is completed. It is always best to complete all your outstanding translation round-trips before changing software versions.

The ./NapsCS5/otherfiles folder contains a CFGXML configuration file for Trados Studio - so its trans-units will recognized as paragraphs.

If you find a problem please send us both the indd file and the translated text you wish to import. And let us know which translation tool you are using.