Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CFG for Illustrator CS 5.1

This version of CopyFlow Gold for Illustrator fixes a problem with saving colors - introduced in Illustrator 5.1 . The new CFG version is 5.0.5

We have also bundled this delivery up into an Adobe Extension Manager installer package - an .mxp file. Open this file with Adobe Extension Manager and click 'Install Package' - it will update any previous version while preserving your product registration.

International users: If you are on a non-USA system (en_US) - you will need to move one of the script files by hand after install. Move 'CopyFlow Gold.jsx' from (Illustrator folder)/Presets/en_US/Scripts/ to your locale's scripts folder: e.g., (Illustrator folder)/Presets/(your locale)/Scripts/.

We are working with Adobe to resolve this issue!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If Problems Installing/Using CFG for InDesign CS5 or 5.5

We've seen a few cases where the Mac install of CFG failed to finish properly. Symptoms are not saving Preferences or trouble exporting to XLIFF. In this case the CFG logfile called CFG_Logfile.txt may contain a line cvan't find the Skeleton folder.

If this happens you may need to create 2 folders by hand.

Quit Indesign, make these folders and then restart.

CFG stores its preferences and skeleton files for XLIFF & CFG XML in :

Library:Applications Support:Naps

If this 'Naps' folder does not exist - create it by hand, then within it create a folder called 'Skeletons'.

When you restart Indesign CFG should then function normally.

Friday, July 1, 2011

CopyFlow Gold for Quark 9 (Macintosh) update

CopyFlow Gold for Quark 8 also works with Quark 9. However; you do need CFG version 8.0.6 or later, which we have just posted to the web site. This version works around a problem in QuarkXPress 9 when importing anchored picture boxes.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

CopyFlow Gold for InDesign CS5.5

Today we updated the Copyflow Gold installer for CS5 so it will work with CS5.5 as well. A new copy of the demo has been uploaded to the web site.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CopyFlow Gold for InDesign CS4 - Updated 4.9.7

CopyFlow Gold for InDesign CS4 - Updated 4.9.7

We have fixed a problem with batch importing folders of XLIFF content. The update includes a new batch script as well as changes to the core CFG Library.