Wednesday, December 14, 2011

CFG for Illustrator CS 5.1

This version of CopyFlow Gold for Illustrator fixes a problem with saving colors - introduced in Illustrator 5.1 . The new CFG version is 5.0.5

We have also bundled this delivery up into an Adobe Extension Manager installer package - an .mxp file. Open this file with Adobe Extension Manager and click 'Install Package' - it will update any previous version while preserving your product registration.

International users: If you are on a non-USA system (en_US) - you will need to move one of the script files by hand after install. Move 'CopyFlow Gold.jsx' from (Illustrator folder)/Presets/en_US/Scripts/ to your locale's scripts folder: e.g., (Illustrator folder)/Presets/(your locale)/Scripts/.

We are working with Adobe to resolve this issue!