Thursday, February 4, 2016

Using and Installing CopyFlow Gold for CS6 with Illustrator CC 2015

CopyFlow Gold for CS6 supports Illustrator CS6 through Illustrator CC2014.

The current versions of CopyFlow Gold for Illustrator CS6 also works with the current CC 2015 version of Illustrator - but we have been warned by Adobe that there are changes coming which will require a major upgrade for CFG. When that happens we we will be charging for this upgrade.

Adobe discontinued Extension Manager for CC 2015 - so you must download ZXP Installer to install Copyflow Gold into Illustrator CC2015 - unless you had CopyFlow Gold already installed in a copy of Illustrator CC2014 which you upgraded to CC2015 - in which case it may simply apprear.

Otherwise, to install CFG with CC 2015:

Download the latest demo version of CFG for Illustrator CS6 from - a. zxp file.

Then download (right click link - to Download As... ) the installer for

or download  (right click link - Download As... ) the installer for

Open the ZXP zip or dmg & install 'ZXPInstaller'

Launch ZXP Installer and use it to install  the new CFG .zxp file you downloaded above into Illustrator CC 2015.

Restart Illustrator. CopyFlow Gold should appear under:  Windows->Extensions->CopyFlow Gold.

If you are a customer and have authorization keys - enter them now. If you are using the demo - enjoy the trial.

For much more info on CopyFlow Gold for Illustrator :

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